SNELL Saucy Brew Works Golf Balls
SNELL Saucy Brew Works Golf Balls

SNELL Saucy Brew Works Golf Balls

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Take your golf game to the next level with these SBW printed, high-performance golf balls. 

  • Available in 1 full box or 1 full sleeve.
  • A dozen per box | 4 single sleeves with 3 balls in each (12 balls total)
  • A sleeve (3 balls total)


- Superior Distance: fast core with 7% lower compression from the original MTB provides low spin and long distance. 

- Controlled Iron Spin: a mantle layer design provides the spin control preferred by better players. 

- Refined Aerodynamics: low lift, low drag for controlled ball flight to reduce "ballooning" and offer great performance in the wind. 

- Soft Feel: softer mantle layer and lower compression core provide a softer feel than other MTB models (75-80 compression range). 

- Excellent Short Game Performance: MTB Black features the CAST urethane cover for excellent control, feel, and durability.

- Conforms to USGA standards and are legal for tournament play.